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Welcome to EC

If you've followed an old link to mmn.on.ca, you can find web hosting at ca.mmninternet.com.

MMN started way back when in 1996, currently the BBS is the last installation of what MMN used to be. Everything is now here or through the gopher server.

Local Groups, Files, Email Address @bbs.ec and connected to DOVE-NET, RetroNet, GameNet and USENET.

The website recently moved away from the BBS server to not waste resources that a more reliable webserver can handle.

A recent addition to the board is the new domain, bbs.ec. It happened to be available, it worked, thank you Ecuador !

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Telnet : dial.bbs.ec
Web Telnet : ftelnet client
Dial-Up : (416) 548-4117
Gopher : gopher.is
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