About MMN

A story has to start somewhere. MMN (Mr.ManNET) was started in 1996 when it was discovered that the machine in the back of our computer class had an open telephone line, a modem and no possible way to get caught accessing non-approved dial in systems.

At first a system to exploit our useless computer course teacher’s lack of foresight (the same one that almost had me expelled for creating a .bat file with the famous words « ECHO « Hello Donna! » as he thought I was hacking, no seriously this is what you get from a state school) and to import prohibited data.

It eventually turned in to a semi-decent board until the time the computer got old and died (as most things of that era tended to do). It’s now been rebuilt under the same name and a slight change to the domain name to allow for the fact it’s not quite limited to Toronto’s local calling area the same domain it had before CIRA was ever born.

MMN is not a commercial venture and will never become one, all funds raised by MMN as an entity is put towards the cost of operting. Our costs are: $30 for electricity usage, $35 for ADSL and over $120 for two machines GATEWAY and SERVICES to replace the failed WELLESLEY server.

MMN has also been involved with Gay Youth of Canada in the early years and now, since the fall of the MSN Group and it’s replacement PAGY, taken over ownership and maintenance. We now also fully host the boards and mailling list.

The BBS is currently hosted off two servers in the basement utility room and run on a 17Mbps ADSL line, email is routed via SendGrid and extensively monitored for SPAM and Viruses by Xeams and AVG.