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MMN is an online BBS running in Toronto since 1996, just before the internet became massive, I currently offer free email, USENET, file downloads and external IRC, FTP and Telnet to my verified users.

I also offer a Dial-In service via (416) 548-4117, however, since the pickup of broadband the modem doesn’t get a call too often.

MMN offers Email, USENET and Local Messaging Groups for all our verified users. Unverified users get read-only access.

Community System
MMN is a community focused system with information local events and places in Toronto and Paris (France).

MMN is available to access by Telnet, wcNav, Web, POP/SMTP, NNTP and Gopher.

Get online now by downloading SyncTerm (telnet/ssh client) or with wcNav!

Register online or connect via telnet at to get started today.