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 *  Claris Emailer (often stylized as Claris [email protected]) is a discontinued e-mail client for the
 *  classic Mac OS created by Fog City Software. It was bought and marketed by the Apple
 *  Inc. spin-off Claris. In addition to internet email, it supported sending and receiving
 *  email to online services such as AOL, Applelink, Compuserve. It was the only third-
 *  party e-mail client licensed to directly access AOL e-mail. Additionally, it was one of the
 *  first commercial applications to support the Internet Config preferences management
 *  system.
 *  It had advanced e-mailing features for its time, such as automatic e-mail address
 *  completion, an intuitive address book, support for multiple signatures, and a scriptable
 *  interface. Many AppleScripts have been written that enhance Emailer and are available online.
 *  It was released both in a full and a lite version, and the latter was included for free in Mac OS 8.
 *  It remained a Mac-only software title until it was eventually killed by Apple in the late
 *  90s. The last version, 2.0v3, was released in 1998, and the software title is no longer
 *  supported by Apple. Emailer continues to work in the Classic Environment running
 *  under Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. To date an Emailer-Talk mailing list is still active offering
 *  advice to keep the software functioning.
 *  - How to join this mailing list
 *  On the BBS, (J)oin Conference 50. Elsewhere, use the listman service at lists.mmn.on.ca. Equally
 *  you can send an email to [email protected]
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