Post-Brexit Bureaucratic Nightmare #thanks #blessed

Seeing as the Great British public decided to follow people like Nigel Farage, BoJo and a string of other complete fools looking to privatise and destroy the UK for their own financial interests, I have now been plunged in to a paperwork nightmare of epic proportions. A nightmare that spans two countries and two completely […]

Brexit Commeth! Hide Thine Children!

The time has come and the Brexit vote count is underway. As a British Passport holder living in Europe (France in particular) this could potentially screw up my life, which is even more concering that it’s in the hands of people barely capable of voting in The Voice let alone finding the facts of the […]

Corn Street

The one thing I remember about living in Bristol is that during the christmas holidays the place could get real empty fast in the centre. When this photo was taken about two days before the last person (excluding me) left the building and shut off all the hall lights.  Seeing as there wasn’t a window […]