Odd night on the city…….

Last night I was walking past Pizza Pizza on College and Younge and I was window shopping (checking out the insanly hot guys inside) and then as I’m checking out the merchandise one guy knows on the window and waves to me….. I’m just like what the??? and continue on my way…. anyways that was […]

My Telus Motorola i1000plus Never Worked

ohhhh nasty hatemail time: My Motorola i1000plus (to now be refered to as « Piece Of Shit ») has yet again stopped working, first it started out earlier with my mobile browser, the problem there was it stopped working for no particular reason. I called into customer service and it seems the person who answered could not help me because […]

God Will Fix It

It seems that I am always wrong here, you know with certain things like finances for a class project, my partner says that our float was an expense for our record of revenue, I put it down as a revenue because if it was an expense it would end up being $20.00 from $0.00 which […]


Last night was nuts, the party at Meow Lounge (1900 Lakshore Blvd. West) was soooo cool, we got there at 22:00 and left at 02:30. (flyer image to be scanned in later…) edit: I never did this in the end. Also after we left, we crossed Lakeshore but appearently its not a Boulevard it’s a highway (nuts […]

Pages and Pages of Stuff

Excerpt from Livejournal I should really start making these posts much bigger than I usually do, I say this because I am looking through other peoples journals and I see pages and pages of stuff! Anyways on to my bi-whenever posts (btw, I will try and use some public terminals this weekend to post my […]

Schooling with the Rich

Going through the archives, this post caught my attention, keeping in mind my earlier posts were more like a pre-Twitter thing than actual blogging. something made me laugh this morning… walking into school I saw a poster « Unmasking Reality », it was extremely funny seeing s a school with no sense of reality was hosting a […]