Life With Cat

It’s hard to live with a small creature that thinks it’s a bad ass lion and is pretty much nocternal, but Madame La Bitch has started to mellow down a bit from her trademark violent tendancies. She has decided to be tolerant or dare I even say loving.  It’s been a while since she’s lashed […]

When Cats Don’t Like Yo Shit

Being as nouveau riche as I am (LOLZ) I decided that spending a little extra on a tablet case was a good shout, considering the internal state of my bag.  I should have done this sooner, but when you’re presented with the three lemonadiers that you thought you lost months ago kicking around in the […]

Little Madame is Content

Madame Hiss has been waiting for the opportunity to get in my bag again.  She seemed more intent on doing it tonight as she could travel the world through scent. Here she is sleeping on the smells of my Winnipeg hotel room. And those were her laying down her scent before I left Paris to […]

One Week, One Winnipeg

Having arrived in Winnipeg nearly fifteen hours since I left Paris, one could understand I was some what tired.  Unfortunately as you can see from the post image, that I forgot what an extra large coffee looks like in Canada. However, considering the price was 2,25$ I can’t really complain at my error. The flights […]

Madame is Not Happy I Have Returned

After our first evening back together, Madame Kaja, still very upset with me about taking her on the métro (cats only do chauffer service), she spent her time disliking me.  A lot. My since healed cat attack scars have re-emerged, mainly because she’s now biting me to show her distain for my existence.


While frequenting a local church in Winnipeg (long story) I made friends with Church Cat. Unfortunately when the service was over Church Cat was gone, it left me without sufficient closure as Church Cat was perhaps the nicest cat ever. Where ever you are Church Cat, just keep doing the good work.

Miss Hiss and Her Angry Ways

Considering I have been binge watching Lost: Les Disparus in probably the least healthiest way possible (as in for a week straight), it means I have spent a lot of time with Madame Énervée. And I’m fairly sure she is not happy about this one bit, mainly because her new tactic is to shower me […]