Updating the old school

After having a tiny bit of time to myself today, I used this time somewhat wisely between watching films and working on the 21 year on going project that is my BBS. Concerningly, it is actually 21 years old and that terrifies the shit out of me.  Sans déc. But the leg work of trying […]

Free Hosting is Free

With the acquisition of another rather short domain (say hello to cw.nf), I am starting a little free web hosting empire. It’s currently already on mmn.on.ca (my bbs domain) but I figure that short be cool and cool be popular and that popular is awesome and awesome is something or other. If you’re interested just […]


Edit: I have nobody’s telephone number either, so if you all could drop it in my inbox that would be wünderbar. I know I’ve had a few close encounters the last couple months but I think this is the end for my piece of shit iPhone that incidentally became a piece of shit after iOS9 […]

Travaux en Cours

I’ve decided to create a big blog of all my scattered blogs and obviously edit them a bit better than their original incarnations.  The main source is my LiveJournal which I have been infrequently updating for a while, so it will take some time to bring in the old posts. Keep your eye out here […]

The life and Times of the Vaguely Employed

I am currently serving out my last couple days of work before getting ready to head out to Winnipeg. Checking on my new job in October if it’s still on, settling some outstanding things with the bank and hoping I can get my cheque before I leave, because girl needs money. Obviously without an internet […]