Oui, pétasse.  Travail !

We don’t get a lot of actual American television here in the France, other than the repeats of Smallville and big HBO series like Trône de fer (Game of Thrones).  We can miss some good television like RuPaul’s Drag Race which is popular just about everywhere.

Thanks to Netflix the RuPaul experience can now be seen in France, and gurl, the translations are fierce as hell.  Perhaps not as savage, as say the portuguese translations, but it’ll do by french standards.
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La grande muraille de Kaja

I’ve had some time with Kaja in the mornings to get a little cat time, she hates it mainly because I will not let her go outside and ransack the neighbours appartments.  Because she is a classy lady with classy tastes.

As a result of the heat and wanting her to have a little bit of the outdoors indoors, I built the Great Wall of Kaja.  That way the window can be wide open, with fresh air and the sounds of all the flying things she wants to destroy.

Did I ever mention my cat is photogénique as fuck?  You can see for yourself. Lire la suite de à proposLa grande muraille de Kaja

Zelda – Ocarina du Temps

On my way back to the TGV station in Nice, I made a last minute splurge on my birthday, a Nintendo 3DS.  Spent my 6 hour train trip back to Paris fiddling away on shady 4G coverage and downloading updates. When I got back home, I headed over to the Nintendo eShop to download Zelda Ocarina […]

Bonne Franceaversaire

Creepy Google Photos has been sending me notifications of panoramas, stalkerish videos and the occasional album of geolocated pics. As iCreepy as this is, it took the time to remind me that I’ve been in France for four years now.  My official move date was in November but my first round of coming over and […]

Life With Cat

It’s hard to live with a small creature that thinks it’s a bad ass lion and is pretty much nocternal, but Madame La Bitch has started to mellow down a bit from her trademark violent tendancies. She has decided to be tolerant or dare I even say loving.  It’s been a while since she’s lashed […]


Getting back in to the good old days of video games, I went to search for my favourite game in the 90s.  And I found it, ladies and gentlemen, je vous présent Quarantine.

As Abandonia puts it « Take the thrill, excitement and plot of Crazy Taxi and place Duke Nukem in the driverseat. This is how I would describe Quarantine. It’s fast, action-packed and extremely exhilarating. » and they are not wrong. Lire la suite de à proposQuarantine

Nice – Côte d’Azur

Pour mon anniversaire je suis allé à Nice, voici les photos et les restes sont dispo chez Google.  Parce que mon blogue WordPress n’accepte pas tous les téléchargements.

As you all probably know there was some south of France action on my birthday, here are some of the photos and the rest can be found on The Googles because WordPress is not having this upload. Lire la suite de à proposNice – Côte d’Azur

The Great Escape to Nice

Now commences the great escape to Nice on the idTGV (basically the front carriages of your average TGV), a rather cheap excursion  for a mere 24 hours that coincides with my time of the birth. This being the first time since I have been in France that I have took a TGV anywhere, it’s a […]