About MMN

MMN (Mr.ManNET) started back in 1996 as a way to play with communications via modem (before the internet was truely a thing) and to smuggle in and out data from my classroom (this is what you get for leaving a modem open with a phone line kids).

The board became some what popular, and ran off of a few communications packages. But it wasn’t until 2007 when I could finally afford to buy Wildcat! WINServer that the dreams all came true.

Granted the BBS scene is much smaller than it used to be, but I like my board and gosh darn it, did I spend many years getting here, so I ain’t gonna give up now.

The board is currently up in the Google Cloud, which is going to come back down to a PC in my tiny Parisien appartment at some point, so enjoy this speed while you can. Although, lol I have fibre, so it’s just as speedy.

The website for a while was run using NanoBlogger on DreamHost who has hosted my websites since like 2005 or something. Now it’s on my ec.je domain, using WordPress cos I’m lazy.

Another milestone for this board is when mrman.net finally became free in March 2014, I managed to snag it at a domain auction for 14$. Which is good since I now use the BBS’s old domain mmn.on.ca for the business side of MMN.