Little Madame is Content

Madame Hiss has been waiting for the opportunity to get in my bag again.  She seemed more intent on doing it tonight as she could travel the world through scent. Here she is sleeping on the smells of my Winnipeg hotel room. And those were her laying down her scent before I left Paris to […]

DreamSpeed Does Not Like Me

I’m currently having a minor disagreement with my DreamSpeed plugin, it’s copying over content but not always doing the right thing with it. Sometimes it won’t respond to the mobile apps, which isn’t great as that’s mainly how I update this site.  I’m currently doing some testing which thankfully is being covered up by the […]

Travaux en Cours

I’ve decided to create a big blog of all my scattered blogs and obviously edit them a bit better than their original incarnations.  The main source is my LiveJournal which I have been infrequently updating for a while, so it will take some time to bring in the old posts. Keep your eye out here […]

One Week, One Winnipeg

Having arrived in Winnipeg nearly fifteen hours since I left Paris, one could understand I was some what tired.  Unfortunately as you can see from the post image, that I forgot what an extra large coffee looks like in Canada. However, considering the price was 2,25$ I can’t really complain at my error. The flights […]