The life and Times of the Vaguely Employed

I am currently serving out my last couple days of work before getting ready to head out to Winnipeg. Checking on my new job in October if it’s still on, settling some outstanding things with the bank and hoping I can get my cheque before I leave, because girl needs money.

Obviously without an internet connection this isn’t as easy to do but there you go, I shall try my best at it.

I’m sat in my usual space in Jardin des Plantes tapping away on my tablet with no connection on to blogger, hoping to send this update online at some point. The view itself is really nice and thankfully quite quiet considering it is in the near centre of Paris.

In fact being disconnected has actually helpped quite a lot as now instead of being tied to Facebook or some game app that wants to force me to buy my way through it (lolz), I end up spending a bit more time writing on my tablet. Either it be in a blogging app or just notes on Keep, I’m doing somethig a bit more useful than scrolling.

The only actual problem behind this is that it can take a while to get it from Tablet to Web in the style of the 1990s and dial up. When I get everything sorted out financally I will probably end up buying a mobile wifi router for moments like this. This tablet isn’t great for doibg stuff online in general as it freezes but I might factiry reset it and just keep photos and blog from afar with it rather than filling it with junk apps that cause problems.

Anyways, for this post I think this might be done, I can’t really think of anything else to put down here.

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