Nice – Côte d’Azur

Pour mon anniversaire je suis allé à Nice, voici les photos et les restes sont dispo chez Google.  Parce que mon blogue WordPress n’accepte pas tous les téléchargements.

As you all probably know there was some south of France action on my birthday, here are some of the photos and the rest can be found on The Googles because WordPress is not having this upload.

Always love me a hashtag

Not a cat lady, totes.
View from the AirBNB.
When your bank got style.
If I started a henchman business, I’d probably just call it this – Pain and Company. Just try not to read that in French.
Had a cigarette during their evacuation test, when all the passengers are told they can’t smoke, I obvs cheered them on from the side lines.

Berfday cake.
Thanks but no thanks.

I bet this came from Flying Tiger.


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