One Week, One Winnipeg

Having arrived in Winnipeg nearly fifteen hours since I left Paris, one could understand I was some what tired.  Unfortunately as you can see from the post image, that I forgot what an extra large coffee looks like in Canada.

However, considering the price was 2,25$ I can’t really complain at my error.

The flights were uneventful but the only exception to this was how Air Canada gracefully hated on me with two « window » seats to and from Winnipeg, notice how in both photos I look dead on the inside.

wpgmtlnowindow2 mtlwpgnowindow1

Lack of Windows aside the visit was quite good.

The hotel although a bit far from the city centre did the job and the staff were quite excellent (say Hi to Al if you head down there), the hot tub was great and the cleaning staff gave me extra coffee when I left a note asking for it.

On the first day while still some what out of it due to Jet Lag from hell, we met in the reception and went off on our business for the day.  I’m pretty much still in a haze of what we did, but we did it and I think had a few drinks on the bar that night.  Perhaps another night, because jet lag.

Another highlight was the amount of time (and money) we spent at Tim Hortons, clearly a Canadian🇨🇦 thing to do.

The other thing I forgot is how much food you get in restaurants, considering I’m used to « European Portions » imagine my surprise when I was confronted with plates like this for under 10€.

No visit would be complete without the classic takeaways, Pizza Pizza🍕 and Taco Bell🌮.

Although I did forget to smuggle Kraft Dîner😐, I did bring back Ketchup Chips, because obviously.

Although I have been away from Canada for a while it reminds me I need to get back every so often to catch up, next time Toronto!

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