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As usual it has been a while since the last time I updated, I have of course been rather busy with all kinds of work and new challenges.

I have also been waking up very early recently, it’s hard to fathom that last year I was in night mode still and found the concept of early rising to be difficult.  Now I have so much evening time (during the week) to enjoy and I usually fall asleep when I used to wake up*!

I had the opportunity to catch up with Lauren over a formule burger that neither of us wanted to admit to the waiter that we were there for (but he knew).  It wasn’t bad at all and was good to catch up with one of the few people not leaving Paris at this very moment in time (spoiler: everybody leaves then regrets it).

Since it has been a very long time since I have visited this post, I have since received a little promotion at the work and finally a bit more of the excitement level to get in to the suburb hell that is the 92 during the week.

I had the mispleasure of finding out that my bank account has been closed by BNP, but in their usual « no fucks given » style, they haven’t actually told me directly.  Instead they refused my Navigo subscription, who then sent me a letter stating it was because « cloture de compte ».  Not like that made any difference as they were rejecting my prelevements regardless if there was money in the account or not.

Therefore I have had to reimagine my French bank account requirements, I don’t really need one to be fair, as my current account at N26 is what I use all the time, but of course France being a pain in the ass France, I have two companies that won’t accept a « non-french » account and the Sécu obvs.

I did a bit of intensive research (40 seconds googling) and asked Hilary (who is now over in the UK again) for basically all the info and I found that Nickel happens to give full on IBAN and a Mastercard that I will basically never use for 20€.  Considering BNP wanted 16€ a month, it is a pretty fair exchange.  Plus having to actually open an account again in this country is an epic waste of time which I am currently unable to give in to.

At least now I can justify the cost of STIF and Free Mobile being beligerent and keeping a French account, although technically it isn’t really a bank account.  But whatever, my N26 account is French enough (with the exception of the German IBAN).

I shall also be spending 24 hours down in Nice for my birthday GTFO of Paris and to visit Claire who incidentally is also travelling from Paris on the same train, SNCF managed to put our bookings together and somehow she got a refund of 7€ while upgrading to 1er Classe.  #LiveTheDream

For now that shall be all, try not to have terrible fashon while I’m away.

* at 21h.  Editors note: This was actually published 30 April, so goes to show how long it takes to put stuff up.

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