Edit: I have nobody’s telephone number either, so if you all could drop it in my inbox that would be wünderbar.

I know I’ve had a few close encounters the last couple months but I think this is the end for my piece of shit iPhone that incidentally became a piece of shit after iOS9 updated and started hoovering my battery down in an attempt to force upgrade.

Today however is the last straw, I’ve got the white screen of death as if it’s booting for eternity and now I can’t access anything because all my double auth apps and details are unsurprisingly on the only device that I keep with me and that I thought was reliable.

So until I can get another phone and sort this mess out, it looks like I have no phone.  No ability to log in to most of my accounts and obviously no way to message outside of email.

With that in mind, Apple you bunch of fucking assholes, take this opportunity to take your iPhone and stick it right up your iOS.

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