Random Update is Required

Here I am cooking my Batonnets de Poulet and Frites au Four trying to thinks of something to blog about, considering it has been some time since the last one I guess and update is required.

It has been a busy few weeks for me with my last day off about two weeks ago and my next possibly never.  I’m currently doing two jobs, one « normal » during the week and a restaurant in the weekend.  It gives me a chance to keep current with French (as my day job is in English) and also get some funds behind me to do some extended holidays, get a new phone (as mine is battery fucked – thnx Apple) and pay off some things early.

Although the last few months have been hard, considering I’ve been very unemployed and on extra basis, it’s nice to get back on track.  Also considering my bank is at some point offering Savings Accounts, it’s a good time to start building a little nest egg for one of the things I’m also looking to get.

Coucou #sohipster #mèreterre

It’s giving me a reason to set up a savings plan, get old debt out of the way and travserse the gauntlet of French bureaucracy to get my driving licence somewhat more legalised (mainly because the DVLA won’t replace my stolen photo card as I don’t live in the UK).  I live in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and I want to get a set of wheels to explore it without having to pay excessive fuel duty and escape road taxes.  Plus earth or something.

Outside of that Paris is still doing fine, I’ve got to reorganise my flat in the short term for the sanity of myself and Kaja.  Plus considering that I’m losing all my friends at the minute because people be leaving, it seems the best thing to stay occupied and content myself.

But those are stories for another time.

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