Schooling with the Rich

Going through the archives, this post caught my attention, keeping in mind my earlier posts were more like a pre-Twitter thing than actual blogging.

something made me laugh this morning… walking into school I saw a poster « Unmasking Reality », it was extremely funny seeing s a school with no sense of reality was hosting a conference about it!

It made me remember how much of a complete spaced out reality some of those kids I had the misfortune to deal with actually were and Kira can back me up on that.  I once heard a girl crying in the halls because her father wouldn’t give her the Visa card to go shopping.  Totally hard times.

I am seriously glad I got out of there as soon as I could, I met some good people who were down to earth, but the vast majority were just on a realm of their own in MansionLand™.

In hindsight Unmasking Reality was probably some kind of cult thing, which wouldn’t surprise me, as most of these jokers really got in to the hyper conservative nastiness that was The Canadian Alliance.

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