Post-Brexit Bureaucratic Nightmare #thanks #blessed

Seeing as the Great British public decided to follow people like Nigel Farage, BoJo and a string of other complete fools looking to privatise and destroy the UK for their own financial interests, I have now been plunged in to a paperwork nightmare of epic proportions.

A nightmare that spans two countries and two completely barbaric systems of buracracy that even the most seasoned of paper pushers would probably consider flinging themselves off of the nearest bridge than have to deal with.

It all hangs on getting my acte de naissance from the BRG (bureau de registraire générale) in Ontario. And oh my god has the clock been ticking on that one for a while.

To clarify « a while » is now almost in to it’s fifth month of back and forth letters, waiting periods and vague responses. Once and perhaps arguable, if, I can get the document that proves I was actually born (because you know, holding two passports isn’t enough proof that I am indeed who I say I am) then I can move on to obtaining my Carte de Séjour that allows me to stay in France, before shit gets real on the little tiny soggy island that I hope never to have to live in again.

But like everything, I must wait to find out how and if my life will be thrown in to a deep pile of the merde, because entire counties voted against their own interests and economies to tell the Tory party to go and politely fuck itself with a pineapple.

Good for you Britain, you really showed the establishment by commencing the destruction of your public services. God speed.

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