Brexit Commeth! Hide Thine Children!

The time has come and the Brexit vote count is underway.

As a British Passport holder living in Europe (France in particular) this could potentially screw up my life, which is even more concering that it’s in the hands of people barely capable of voting in The Voice let alone finding the facts of the matter from the horribly run Stay campaign or the utter nonsense coming from the Leave side.

Of course the main idea touted about is the ghastly level of immigration in the UK is putting pressure on the struggling NHS and that a leave vote means the end of immigration as the UK can firmly shut the door on the world and let absolutely nobody in.

Quite a short sighted view as EU immigrants bring a fortune in to the UK economy and the overwhelmed NHS is a cause of the Tory government chopping and gutting the service to a privatised nightmare that only lines the pockets of those in charge. As if we’re yet to forget how that went with Royal Mail.

Hopefully there will be sense in this referendum, but only time will tell whether or not the Great British Public has seen through the nonsense they’re being fed to find some sense to remain in the union.

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