Ketchup Chips

After reading an article on AV Club and then eating a packet of said chips, I think it’s appropriate to write a post about the world’s greatest flavour (even though the world doesn’t quite know it yet).

According to AV Club the mystery of how Canada was all like « slap that on a chip and shove it in my talk hole » started like this:-

Ketchup chips’ history is spotty, but in most tellings, they originated around the Nixon years, out of the labs at Hostess, a made-in-Canada company that had been bought out by General Foods. Hostess was the only chip brand that mattered here, and things were going great until one of the company’s dimmer intellects decided in the 1970s that the world needed fruit-flavored chips. The company rolled out orange, cherry, and grape-flavored varieties. Their failure was crushing and immediate. And so the company doubled down with yet another fruit, the lowly tomato. Ketchup chips were born.

Seems a totally legit reason, really.  My childhood was completely full of these chips along side the other national staple of Kraft Dinner, which some how made a rounded diet as I wasn’t a fat kid.

However I seem to be a fat adult, so science may try and prove me wrong (do your research science!  I did at

The world needs to eat more of these and perhaps we will live in peace or at very minimum just be moderate assholes to each other rather than the full état d’urgence we are today.

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