This be EC.

Welcome to the new, previously this domain was pointing to my LiveJournal that I’ve been moaning excessively writing on since the year 2000.


If you’re wondering, my blog has been moved to LJ.GL, I managed to pull off all my LiveJournal posts from the last 18 years there. One is most proud.

The BBS website is also now here, moved officially, so if you have come from an old domain (I redirected most, I think) you can see the BBS site at

Sexy Like Madonna

I must start off with saying, sorry about the ads layout, Google AdSense has gone full on crazy with it. But I gotta make some kind of income to keep my projects up.

When I first registered it, I intended for it to be the place where everything lives, and thus avoid regisering a billion domains like all the time. Obvs I failed lol.

But here we go for round two of this activity.

Any questions – feel free to ask here.

fyi – we still beefin’ with Mikey Yack, that’s right Michael Yack, also known as Mike Yack. #yackattack